Commercial Projects

Office refurbishments – University of Dundee – Value £110,000

We installed lighting, power, data, fire alarm, smoke ventilation and window actuator installations in office refurbishments at Airlie Place, Fulton, Tower, Crawford & Matthew Buildings at the main city campus. LED luminaires were controlled with LCM units combined with daylight linked absence & presence detectors. The main priority on campus is the students and their educational well-being. Care must be taken to limit noise at specific times and all work must be done with as little disruption to the smooth running of the University as possible.

Area refurbishments – NHS Tayside – Perth & Dundee – Value £25,000

We carried out lighting, power, data, fire alarm and UPS installations at Perth Royal Infirmary, Kings Cross Hospital, Ninewells Hospital and Maryfield offices. We installed cabling, control panels and UPS change-over units to provide back-up systems for dedicated distribution boards controlling sensitive IT equipment. NHS Tayside requires a high quality service working with high specifications which we pride ourselves on providing at all times. Patient & staff safety is vital and we work closely with the client to ensure that shut-downs are planned well in advance with task specific method statements & risk assessments. Our employees are 17th edition, first aid & CPR trained to meet NHS requirements.

Novartis Animal Health – Dundee – Value £19,000

We carried out installation, motor controls, repair & maintenance works in laboratory, clean room, office, production & warehouse areas. The client has specific working environments which requires stainless steel containment and IP67 equipment & accessories. We installed and connected control cabling to hopper & drain valves, level & proximity switches, zelio programmable smart relays & LED stack lights. We offer a call out and breakdown service as it is vital that any downtime is limited to as short a period as possible. Our aim to provide a service that maintains the client’s electrical needs at all times.

Business Park Development – Delson – Kirriemuir – Value £102,000

We designed & installed a complete electrical installation comprising an 11KV incoming ring main unit and a 1MVA transformer. We installed a main cubicle switchboard and wall mounted panel boards. These panelboards distributed SWA sub-main cables to TPN distribution boards which supplied individual office and workshop units. All incoming & out-going ways were metered with remote reading capability. We installed lighting, power, data, fire alarm & security alarm, CCTV & TV systems throughout the units. We carried out the internal fit-out of the units into commercial office areas, industrial workshops, a car repair garage and an MOT station. Lightning protection rods, bonding tapes and surge protection units were installed with RCBO protective devices connected to all relevant circuits as required by the 17th edition regulations.

Carpark lighting – Land & Building Services – Dunfermline – Value £25,000

We installed an external car-park lighting installation and a traffic control barrier installation including audio-visual control units. High powered floodlights were installed on 6mt columns, wired using SWA cables in underground ducts from a dedicated external lighting distribution board. This DB was controlled by a photocell, timeclock & contactor arrangement. The traffic barrier audio-visual controls were wired in duct grade cat5 cable to the existing reception desk. Mobile equipment working platforms were used to install mounting brackets & floodlights to the columns which our employees are fully trained and qualified to use.