Industrial Projects

GE Oil & Gas – Brent Avenue – Montrose – Value £170,000

We installed SWA supply cables from existing cubicle switch boards and distribution boards to local switch fuses & machinery, up to 250A. We installed industrial TPN intake/extract ventilation systems, TPN, SPN & 110V supplies to test cell, test bench and test pit equipment. An external lighting system incorporating wall mounted and column mounted luminaires controlled from photocells, timeclock & contactors was installed and PA, data & fire alarm systems were installed throughout the entire site. Much of this work was carried out at a height exceeding 14mt using mobile equipment access platforms which our employees are fully trained and qualified to use.

DC Thomson & Co Ltd – Dundee – Value undisclosed

We installed LED lighting, emergency lighting, power, data and BMS installations in various working areas and press halls.  The main challenge in this environment was to work round the client’s requirement to keep the printing press process running at all times. We worked closely with the client and operating team, working in phases, to ensure there was no interruption to supplies during critical times. We provide an out-with normal hours on-call & call-out service, as part of the maintenance team’s rota system, to provide 24/7 back-up cover for the plant.

Dundee Energy Recycling Limited – Dundee – Value £32,000

We carried out various installation, maintenance, fault finding, repair and testing projects at DERL. The majority of installations were carried out using SWA cables on existing containment to lighting, power and motor control installations. We also carried out a major inspection and testing project to assess the existing installation. Essential repairs were carried out and proposed upgrades were put forward to the client where deemed necessary. The physical scale of a working power plant and the extreme heat conditions meant that any new installations require to be of a high specification and designed to suit the intense environment.

United Closure & Plastic – Bridge of Allen – Value £58,000

We relocated an existing toolroom to a new location which included stripping out the existing area, installing cables and containment to various items of lighting, power, TPN & SPN machinery. We installed new distribution boards in the area and a 400A capacitor installation, with CT’s connected to the incoming supply, to improve power factor correction. We also carried out inspection and testing of the various main switch boards and sub-main power infrastructure cables throughout the factory.

Inviron – Charleton Road & Brent Avenue – Montrose – Value £71,000

We installed SWA, SY, FP200, data & CCTV circuits to panel boards, TPN & SPN equipment, offices & porta-cabins for various projects to facilitate the day to day requirements of these large industrial plants. We re-routed existing supplies for machine relocations, installed new supplies for welding & compressor equipment and installed external IP67 rated equipment. We carried out load survey tests on the main incoming and major out-going supplies to verify peak current usage and carried out comprehensive surveys of both plants to provide schematic diagrams of the electrical installations.

Veolia Water – Arbroath – Value £33,000

We carried out maintenance, repair, installation projects and supply of material for the client. The working environment and equipment is very specific to the waste water industry. Motor controls, submerged pumps, limit switches and sensors etc must all be maintained, repaired and replaced when necessary to ensure the smooth running of the various interlinked plants. The waste water system is vital to all members of the public. We worked tirelessly with the client to ensure there was as little disruption to the system as possible and that blockages or breakdowns were dealt with as swiftly and efficiently as possible. The working environment requires that all equipment supplied and installed is of a very high specification and standard.